23 Jun
  • By ripplezoo

Fight For Freedom – Kerry Max Cook

Imagine what it is like to be locked up for a crime you did not commit. The accusation; RAPIST & MURDERER. Visualize spending 20 years on death row waiting to be executed because of police and judicial incompetence. Think about the pain and suffering of Kerry Max Cook and his family and the barrage of hate they endured for 20 years from his sentence in 1977 to his release in 1999 when DNA evidence eventually proved his innocence beyond any doubt.

And here we are a further 17 years on and the State of Texas still refuses a full exoneration because it would cost them $3 million. That’s a small price to pay for taking away a man’s freedom for over two decades.

Kim Kardashian has recently thrown her social media weight behind the campaign for justice for Kerry Max Cook. The growing voice now deserves the support of Texan decision makers and leadership.

Stand up and take responsibility folks. No amount of money can repay this injustice.