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06 Jul
  • By Sammy

Refugee Crisis – Sad Facts

“We’re in a world where there’s famine and hunger and people are dodging bullets and having their nails pulled out in dungeons so it’s very hard for me to place any high value on the work that I do to write a song. Yeah, I work hard but compared to what?” – Leonard Cohen
  • The number of forcibly displaced people was standing at 59.5 million individuals as of the end of 2014
  • 1 million Palestinian refugees
  • 2 million Syrian refugees
  • 6 million Afghanistan refugees
  • There are 209 refugees per 1,000 inhabitants in Lebanon
  • Globally, 42,500 people per day are fleeing their home
  • The world’s largest refugee camp is located in Dadaab, Kenya, which is home to more than 329,000 people
  • Of the 20 million refugees worldwide, 51% are under the age of 18. This is the highest number of child refugees since World War II

There is a big difference between a refugee that is forced to leave their home because it is too terrifying or dangerous to stay and an economic migrant to wants a better life.

Genuine refugees must be supported.

 Source – The Global Slavery Index  @SlaveryIndex