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25 Jul
  • By Sammy

Ross Kemp & The Fight against Isis

I have just finished watching a documentary on Sky titled “The Fight against Isis” fronted by Ross Kemp.  There are many words to describe the film; fascinating, horrifying, sad, upsetting, tearful, insightful and captivating. For sure the bravery of the team making the documentary stands out, especially in a number of frontline scenes, where they are bring shot at by Isis followers less than a hundred meters away.

The location for the film is Iraq and Syria, much of it in Kurdish controlled territory where women are equals in the frontline war. They have as much fighting responsibility as their menfolk and are just as tough.

One of the saddest stories relates to the Yazidi massacre in Sinjar in 2014 where over 50,000 people had to flee their homes. 5,000 men were executed and 7,000 women and children taken captive by Isis many as sex slaves. Sinjar has been utterly destroyed and the UN is investigating the attack as a genocide.

A young lady called Maha was interviewed by Ross and told her incredibly sad story. Her Husband was immediately separated from her and presumably he is now dead. She and her Children were taken prisoner. Her 11-year-old daughter was taken away and has not been seen in two years. Most distressing was the story Maha told about her attempted escape.  When she was caught the Isis commander decided to make an example of her. 3 of her children were poisoned, her baby boy dying in her arms. The Commander published photos of her dead children as a warning to others. Maha finally escaped and has one remaining daughter with her. The horrors the young girl has witnessed are etched on her small face. Very distressing.

The Kurds are right on the frontline of the fight with Isis and are now winning back ground supported by coalition airstrikes. Their fight for more autonomy or an independent state looks largely to be on hold as war rages. Worryingly behind their back is Turkey who have traditionally opposed independence for the Kurds though are currently supporting them against Isis.

If there was ever a case for a “Just War”, it’s right here. Isis represents evil; not Islam, not God like, not caring, not kind and certainly not just. The stories of their savagery and brutal killing give us all a reason to stand up to their evil.

Well done Ross Kemp and team for telling the story up close and personal and for your courage.