25 Nov
  • By ripplezoo

Measure up and make a difference

Yesterday our team went out and volunteered for the WheelMap cause and not only had a great time but learnt a few things as well. We recently stumbled across this initiative on social media and recognised straight away that there was a dearth of information and updates from in and around our office in Dublin 18 and we wanted to change this and do our small bit.


We pre-selected 40 locations in and around our office and went to check out if they were or were not wheelchair accessible. Within the area, we searched 38 got the green light from us while 2 facilities did not unfortunately, tempted as we are we won’t name and shame these 2 facilities!


So what actually is WheelMap?

Well, Wheelmap is an online map that helps find wheelchair accessible places. The Wheelmap app therefore empowers mobility-impaired people to find accessible places like restaurants, concert venues or cinemas in their locality.

The clever thing is that the map works in a similar way to Wikipedia whereby anyone can contribute and mark public places around the world according to their wheelchair accessibility.


The criteria for marking places is based on a simple traffic light system:

  • Green – Fully wheelchair accessible
  • Amber – Partly wheelchair accessible
  • Red – Not wheelchair accessible


You can check out their website to see the full breakdown of criteria for each ranking at is a project run by the not for profit organisation SOZIALHELDEN. The organisation strives to make people aware of problems in society and to motivate them to change their way of thinking. SOZIALHELDEN has been pursuing this mission since 2004.

So how can you get involved with

You can make a difference to your local area in just a few short minutes, whether this is on your one, with work colleagues or with some friends.

1st step is to download the Wheelmap app, allow it to use your location and then just see any surrounding facilities that currently do not have a rating.


Within the Wheelmap you can also,
– mark the wheelchair accessibility of places and toilets,
– add new places,
– edit place info,
– uploading photos of entrances etc

This is not like every cause out there, the key thing here is that everyone and anyone is free to take part in this initiative no matter their age or where they live/work.

We would encourage everyone to check out the map of their local area and see what difference they can make. Each shop/building will only take a few minutes to access and won’t take too much out of your day.

You are literally just a few clicks away on the app from making a positive difference to your community.