07 Jan
  • By Rob

The World as 100 People

For many people, statistics and facts are often very hard to comprehended. This is due to huge numbers thrown at them for issues like poverty, education and technology.

In the following case, we have come across this interesting take on a number of key global issues that have been broken down into a world where just 100 people inhabit it.

The following is a version which has been updated to reflect the world population having reached almost 7.5 billion people. So if we can imagine the world as having just 100 people on it, that will make things easier for us all to take in and digest.

Does a true gender divide exist?
There would be no real gender divide, it will be split 50% men versus 50% women.

So where would people live?
60 would be from Asia, 16 from Africa, only 10 from Europe, 9 from both Latin America and the Caribbean, while only 5 would be from North America.

The age profile would be seen as twenty-five people under the age of 14, sixty-six people between the ages of 14 and 64 and finally nine would be 64 and over.

In terms of religion, there would be 31 Christians, 23 Muslims, 15 Hindus, 7 Buddhists, 8 believing in other religions and 16 would not align themselves with any faith.

What would the world sound like? Here’s how many would speak the following languages;
Chinese – 12 Spanish – 6 English – 5 Hindi – 4 Arabic – 3
Bengali – 3 Portuguese – 3 Russian – 2 Japanese – 2 Other – 60

86 people would be able to read and write versus 14 who are unable to. With 90% of males literate and 82% of females literate.
78% of males and 76% of females would have a primary education. In terms of secondary education, 66% of males and 63% of females would have this level of education.
Surprisingly only 7 people in the world would have a college degree.

91 people have access to safe drinking water against 9 who do not.

11 people would be undernourished.

82 have access to electricity while 18 do not.

In terms of technology and how that has shaped our world, 65 people now have a mobile phone and 47 people are active internet users.

11 people on this world currently live on less than €1.90 per day.


Source http://www.100people.org/