22 Jan
  • By Stephen Byrne

The Big Bang. Was it God or Physics? A personal opinion…

The wonder of it all.

13.8 billion years ago the universe was born with one very BIG BANG.  And despite the enormous time lag between then and now there remains one unanswered question that pretty well divides opinion across the world and will nearly certainly do so forever.

Are we here because of a physical event or did God create us? 

For sure there is no end of top quality scientific evidence supporting a sudden beginning, an incredibly rapid expansion and the subsequent creation of planet earth some 4 billion years ago.  I’m a firm believer in universe & planet evolution and just as firm a believer that God’s hand is all over the journey.

The video that accompanies this blog gives a little bit of insight into the massive size and scale of the universe that is so big it is utterly incomprehensible. And most probably we will never understand it all because no amount of science can prove or disprove the existence of God’s role in it all. The Jury’s out on this one and always will be.

Many people who opt for the evolutionary theory only can point to all the pain, suffering, sickness, injustice, inequality, and natural tragedies plus evil and wars here on Earth as proof that a loving God does not exist. I can understand that view though my own is that we don’t live in Heaven and we’re here as part of some much bigger plan that we simply have no understanding about.  Are we even alone or do other intelligent species exist in other galaxies or parallel universes?

Maybe we should look a little closer at the earth we inherited and consider the damage and destruction we are doing. We’ve only a couple of decades of natural resources left, we’re destroying the planet with man-made global warming, we’ve killed off most of the animal and plant specifies and we’ve murdered more than 4 billion of our fellow citizens across 14,500 wars. Not a good track record really.

And now the really personal bit. I was born a Catholic, a Christian though am mostly non-practicing and struggle with many of the rules; celibacy, the diminished role of women in the Church, divorce and abortion in very specific circumstances balanced against the need to protect the right to life. I suppose I am an al la Carte Catholic.

This does not make me feel any less close to God, actually more so. Because every other person living today has the right to adore our one God as per their own religious beliefs. I think it’s an impossibility to consider that there is more than one God (Higher Being) or that any one religion has gotten their adoration model synched up with God’s ideal for us all. We’re all equal on this one; Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists (and hundreds of other religions). All religions can claim a special and unique relationship with God and if that’s doing some good for our world, how wonderful.

The more extreme & radical our beliefs the more likely that conflict and wars will rage on. Respect for all people, not of our own religion or culture, has a much stronger possibility of bringing calm and peace to the world.

Knowing that our incredible universe has many secrets yet to be revealed and fully confident that God has his own special plans for us makes me aware that we all have a responsibility to protect our planet, the marginalized, the suppressed, the disadvantaged and that really means having the courage to stand up to people whose only real interest is to self- serve themselves. Too few take way too much and give very little back.

So, each day in RippleZoo we wake up full of optimism that a small act of kindness or promotion of an issue we need to talk about can create a small positive ripple for our planet and fellow man, and hopefully encourage some other people to do likewise.