25 Jan
  • By Rob

Social Bite – A shop with a difference

Social Bite is a social enterprise that helps the homeless through its five sandwich shops and restaurant. It donates its profits to charities and social causes in Scotland & throughout the world and also allows customers to purchase an extra meal or drink, which can be claimed by a homeless person in the given cities.

Social Bite, feeds more than 150 homeless people each day, also has an academy that provides support towards gaining employment for these same people. Social Bite prepares handmade food every day, using fresh, healthy and local produce. No sell by dates and no preservatives, just the best local ingredients, served up daily for its customer base. The cafes also host social suppers where the homeless are fed and can speak to support services. Not to mention, on top of all this 25 percent of Social Bite’s staff have at some point been homeless.

Founders Josh Littlejohn and Alice Thompson were inspired by the philosophy of a Nobel Peace Prize-winning economist Prof. Muhammad Yunus. Yunus promotes the idea of a social business, in the hope of solving social challenges in given communities.

Josh and Alice’s ambition is to grow large enough to take on some of the bigger players within the marketplace such as Pret A Manger, Subway & Greggs – the exception being that it will be done with its 100% social mission statement. Their mission statement revolves around the following core values- not for greed, not for profit, for the homeless in Britain, and people stuck in poverty in third world countries.

But the main difference between social bite and the rest is that 100% (every single penny) of profit goes towards solving social problems. This is not a token gesture from the owners and is absolutely not a PR spin. This is just a different kind of business. A business that’s aim is to help others and this is called social business.

Celeb status!

Within the past year, Hollywood has come knocking on the door of Social Bite in the form of George Clooney and Leonardo Di Caprio to name but a few.

So how can you get involved?

There are a number of ways someone (anyone) can get involved and help Social Bite continue to make a difference to both their local and also the wider community. The three main ways to help them out would be to visit one of their five outlets, order online or even make a donation online through their website. Their five stores are located in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

All we can do here is to applaud both Josh and Alice for their drive, passion and energy behind such an incredible cause such as this. The easy option would be to follow the crowd and act like 99.9% of the other businesses out there and take profits before people.


Check out their website HERE