13 Feb
  • By Dave Holmes

Our first hand experience

In November 2016 my wife and I visited Phakamisa while on holiday in South Africa. It was a mind opening visit. Poverty in Africa is very stark and when people have nothing, that is literally true. Their only possessions are what they are wearing.


(Training the Gogo’s)

Orphaned children are totally dependent on whatever help they can get from relatives or society around them and in most cases, the relatives have nothing either. Phakamisa helps by providing support to the grannies  “Gogo’s” by teaching them beadwork, sewing and vegetable growing to help provide food and shelter. Phakamisa also provides basic education to the children through their own staff and by teaching older people how to teach others in their own communities.


(A happy class!)

Phakamisa means “a hand up” and not a “handout”.

We witnessed barefoot children in mud floor corrugated iron “schools” and others in better buildings, all of whom would not receive any education at all if it were not for Phakamisa.


(A one-room corrugated iron school)

Without education, children will suffer all types of exploitation, so we must never deprive a child of education if we can help it in any way.