08 Mar
  • By Kamila

Being a woman in 2017

It’s our day, ladies! Happy International Women’s Day to all of you. Even though we live in the 21st century, being a woman is not always easy… For years we have fought for rights that men have always taken for granted. This is a fight we continue every day, and yet there is more progress to be made. Today, I am very lucky to have an education, my own earnings and being able to vote. All because of the women who came before me!

It’s 2017, so let’s continue what some of the great women before us started. The few ladies which I am going to mention below will be our inspiration and make key contributions throughout the year, making us proud to be women.

Meryl Streep, started the year attacking Trump, known for numerous sexist comments, in her Golden Globes speech. This is not the end of her actions. Every day she reminds women that their voice matters and contributes in women’s movements all around the globe. A few months ago, she joined Michelle Obama in Fight for Women’s Equality. “What brings me here is this issue of equality for women and girls,” Meryl said in a clip from the documentary when visiting Morocco with Michelle and her two daughters. “What brings me here is my grandmother. She had three children before 1920 so she couldn’t vote.”

In her tweets, she reminds us that ‘every single voice is worthy of respect’.


(Meryl Streep)

The previously mentioned, Michelle Obama, shifted the role of the First lady to the next level. For the eight years she’s spent with her husband in the White House, she spoke passionately about what she believed in, including women’s rights, criticizing the racist stereotype of black women in America. She launched her own campaigns and was a great inspiration for all of us. Many have suggested Michelle run for President in 2020, but whether she will do that remains to be seen, let’s wish her a successful 2017 and follow her progress.


(Michelle Obama)

There are thousands of reasons as to why Malala Yousafzai is our greatest source of inspiration. Aged only 18 years old, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, became the youngest-ever awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala gives strength and hope for young women all over the world who fight for access to education.


(Malala Yousafzai)

While all the amazing women listed above show the power that just one person can make a difference, we must remember every single one of us is smart, caring and thoughtful enough to change the way many women are still perceived across the world. Our power is in numbers!

Last Sunday, the 5th of March more that 4,000 people gathered in Warsaw campaigning for Women’s rights ahead of the International Woman’s Day on Wednesday, March 8th. Organisers said that the march was against “cumulative oppression”, be it “institutional, systemic, economic, physical, sexual…”. Still, many of the banners held up on the day showed messages about reproductive rights, following the Polish government’s recent decision that the morning-after pill and hormonal contraceptives will only be available on prescription. Women’s protests took place in another 40 Polish cities over the weekend.

Warszawa, 05.03.2017. Uczestnicy XVIII Warszawskiej Manify, czyli manifestacji organizowanej co roku z okazji Dnia Kobiet, 5 bm. W tym roku Manifa odbywa siê pod has³em "Przeciw przemocy w³adzy". Organizatorzy t³umacz¹ jednak, ¿e nie uto¿samiaj¹ w³adzy z obecnie rz¹dz¹cymi, ale definiuj¹ j¹ jako "kumulacjê opresji" wobec wykluczanych spo³ecznie grup. W Warszawie do has³a "Przeciw przemocy w³adzy" dodano: "Doœæ wyzysku reprodukcyjnego", który definiowany jest jako ignorowanie, zaniedbywanie i represje wobec kobiet ze strony w³adzy we wszystkich sferach zwi¹zanych z rozrodczoœci¹. Wskazuj¹ w tym kontekœcie ograniczony dostêp do aborcji, a tak¿e antykoncepcji, na ograniczenie dostêpu do zap³odnienia in vitro przez wycofywanie siê pañstwa z finasowania tego zabiegu czy likwidacjê standardów oko³oporodowych. (mr) PAP/Radek Pietruszka ***Zdjêcie do depeszy PAP pt. Stolica/ Uczestnicy Manify: ka¿da w³adza nam przeszkadza***

(Protesters carry a banner which reads “Against authoritarian abuse. Enough reproductive exploitation”. Photo: PAP/Radek Pietruszka.)

On the 6th of March, an open letter from the Polish women to American women has been simultaneously published, warning about Donald Trump. You can read the whole letter HERE, however here is one of the highlights from the women of Poland:

“To the women of America – a warning and a rallying cry from Poland. We, the women of Poland, have watched the emergence of the biggest threat to your democracy in the person of Donald Trump with a sickening feeling of familiarity….What started with a stab at our reproductive rights has gone on to attack much of what we as a modern society hold dear. These changes took place in Poland very quickly. It may be the same in America…”

It’s all about the little things! We are all capable and all of us can add something to making a difference. We are daughters, wives, sisters. We are mothers and CEO’s.

We must remember those who helped us to have the lives we currently live.

Let’s fight, show the world we are important and empowered every single day.