29 Mar
  • By Rob

Solving Australia’s Energy Crisis in 100 Days

March 2017

South Australia has been experiencing a heat wave, with temperatures in areas reaching 40 degrees Celsius even in the shade. As a result of the extreme temperatures, people living in the area have seen power outages and are now short of reliable electricity.

Recent storms have caused severe blackouts in the Australian state leading to price spikes with local energy firms struggling to meet demand as a result of damage to infrastructure. The blackouts – which have been happening in quick succession over the last couple of months – were caused by higher-than-expected demand, which overloaded some of the major energy generators within South Australia at a time when wind power generation was low for that time of year.


(A damaged power tower)

This situation has become so bad that Australia’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has now declared an energy emergency across the country and has held crisis talks with his cabinet. A 100-megawatt battery will certainly help the region.

So step forward Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla.

He has come out and claimed his battery company, Tesla, will be able to solve the region’s woes within 100 days. Musk’s comments come after the head of Tesla’s battery division told those in Australia it would be able to provide a factory of 100-300 megawatt-hours of batteries to the country. This has now prompted calls from citizens of New Zealand and even the Ukrainian prime minister for the billionaire to bring similar projects to their own countries.


As we speak it is unclear whether any deal will actually be struck and signed off. For this to happen, there would have to be agreements between political leaders, financiers, influencers, and representatives from Tesla.

Will an agreement be struck between political, policy and the business people on either side of the deal? Can Musk achieve this goal within 100 days?

Only time will tell, but here’s hoping Musk is given a chance to at least give it a go. Who knows if he succeeds here, this may inspire similar deals around the globe in the near future.

Who knows if he succeeds here, this may inspire similar deals around the globe in the near future.