30 Mar
  • By Aidan Corless

“We all have a responsibility to give a little, let’s think education”

God made each of us the same, but by our birth we are brought into this world in different circumstances. For us in the affluent Western World we have running water when we turn on the tap, electricity when we flick the switch, and an education for our future. We have enough food, every day.

Nearly 50% of the world population (3 billion people) live in poverty earning only $2.50 per day.  For these people water and basic food is a luxury and not received daily. An education is virtually impossible, and a job with a wage only a dream. Families struggle daily to live, often looking to God to deliver a miracle of water and food.


Did you ever think it’s not right that God would allow people suffer from drought and hunger, surely if he is the God of Gods, he would not allow this?

When I witnessed third world poverty I was upset with God, and I asked him for an answer, to explain to me. I was internalising this, I was upset, questioning everything, and then I heard Gods answer……


I learnt, each and every one of us have a responsibility to do something. We can help raise funds, we can raise awareness, we can ask people to help, perhaps skip a coffee a day and donate the money.

Tackling the long term problem of poverty needs to be a higher priority for the Western World. An Education 4 All needs to be a central plank in the strategy. Otherwise we are condemning billions of the next generation of Children to a life of poverty and inequality.


Within the Blackrock Mission Fund we are working hard to make a little difference with our support for secondary education for Children in Africa. All help and support is so very welcome and can make a difference.

Anyone can create a ripple, will you?

aidanAidan Corless was appointed Chairman of the Blackrock Mission Fund in 2014 and introduced a sponsorship program, whereby the emphasis of the fundraising would be to help educate the poor, by sending them to secondary school. The Mission Fund was established by the Blackrock College Past Pupils Union to provide financial support to the Spiritans missionary work. The Spiritans (Holy Ghost Fathers) provide direct assistance to the world’s poorest regions, where the level of poverty and living conditions are often unimaginable.