25 May
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Living Near Trees Improves Physical, Mental and Social Health.

People living in areas with more parks, trees, and grass live longer and happier lives, with less violence and improved mental and physical health, according to research presented at the conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago.

“Humans are evolved organisms and the environment is our habitat,” lead researcher Frances Kuo said. “Now, as human societies become more urban, we as scientists are in a position to look at humans in much the same way that those who study animal behavior have looked at animals in the wild to see the effect of a changing habitat on this species.”


A growing number of studies are showing that humans living in settings lacking living plants show physical, psychological and social disorders similar to those developed by other animals that have been removed from their natural habitats.

“In animals, what you see is increases in aggression, you see disrupted parenting patterns,” Kuo said.

On the physical level, a large-scale Dutch study found that the amount of green space within a one- to three-mile radius of a person’s home is a significant predictor of their overall health. A Japanese study found that elderly people who lived within walking distance of a park or other green space had significantly longer life expectancies than those who lived farther away.

College students have been found to perform higher on tests of cognitive function if they live in rooms overlooking living plants, while people living far from natural settings demonstrate not only worsened cognitive function, but also impulse control and management of life conflicts. A walk in a park has been proven to reduce hyperactivity in children as much as standard drug treatments.

Finally, communities with more green space have lower levels of crime and violence than communities with more green space. Communities without green space, on the other hand, have higher levels of property, crime, and litter – Nature News

What does living near trees does for you?

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Be it plants, trees, rocks, natural bodies of water, air or animals we all have an idea what our natural environment consists of. A connection to nature can be said to be a feeling of relationship between humans and our environment, our sense of connection begins when we are born as part of the natural world into the natural world. How we sustain this relies solely on our ability and willingness to carry out various activities to keep this relationship. The feeling to connect with nature can be brought about by different emotions, it could be happiness, sadness, the feeling of falling in love, guilt, longing. Expectation, awe, belonging or fascination. Connecting with nature means a lot more that going outdoor and receiving fresh air, it involves reconsidering our individuality and creating an ecological relationship. There are so many ways in which humans can connect with our natural environment. I have listed and explain below a few ways which I feel are a great way to do this.


Taking walks around your surrounding or at a park would help people connect with nature. This would also help individuals to observe the natural environment helping us to notice new things about your environment that you might never have seen before, thus increases connection with nature


Water is a fundamental basis of life. visiting from time to time different bodies of water be it waterfalls, lakes. spring, can be naturally soothing to the soul and the bodies are beautiful. visiting the beach and helping to clean it up is another way that would enable us to connect to nature and learn to appreciate it more.


Taking interest in agriculture be it horticulture, farming, plating of trees and the process of seeing them grow would help us appreciate the natural process of growth. this would also aid in preventing deforestation, and also help to protect the climate. These would also provide naturally grown fresh food source for consumption.


Visiting from time to time places where wide life is kept is a great idea, just seeing various species of animals and seeing rare species that might go into extinction is a beautiful experience. This would help a great deal in helping individuals appreciate their environment and remind us that we are not alone on this earth.


Living in a technological driving era, a lot of people do not spend as much time outdoor has they spend on the internet. Taking time to organize events outdoor be in the garden or at the beach or just playing outdoors would help a long way.

Connecting with nature would help humans understand our environment better, this would help us appreciate our natural environment and also help develop a concern to preventing environmental pollution, climate change and  also ensure wildlife preservation.


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