13 Jun
  • By Plan and Learn Foundation

Who are we? We are Play and Learn!

Vision Statement: Play and Learn hopes to help eradicate poverty through sports, academic education and mentorship in not only Ghana but Africa at large.


Mission Statement: Play and Learn seeks to empower the youth of Ghana through a combination of athletics, academics, and professional mentorship to give them the tools they need to become the future leaders of our world.


(Group picture after a charity game to raise some funds for Play and Learn Foundation)

Introduction: In Ghana, football is a unifying force that brings citizens together in camaraderie and mitigates issues of ethnic diversity. From the streets of bustling Accra to the remote deserts of the Upper East Region, one will always find groups of Ghanaians coming together with posts made of sticks and stones to play football. There are instances where the youth are forced to be innovative in using plastics, papers and spherical objects to create footballs due to the lack of adequate funds to secure a real football for either an afternoon match or a weekend tournament. It can be argued that football is a part of Ghanaian life that bridges the language and economic divisions of everyday life.

As a result, the Play and Learn Foundation seeks to bring together boys and girls who either have the passion and love to play or pursue academic excellence but are deprived of that opportunity by engaging them in activities and programs that would aid their academic development. These engagements will give the kids a chance for a better future life through: mentoring, securing scholarships, after school classes, reading and creative sessions to aid analytical and critical thinking.


(After one of our mentoring sessions)

Play and Learn uses football as a fun medium because the organisation believes that the game has certain features that can aid in positively impacting the child’s development such as:

  • Capacity building and youth leadership.
  • The ability of the game to bring people together.
  • Empowerment, Motivation and Inspiration.
  • Football being a tool for development and spread of education in the country.


What do we do? :  

Sports: Football is a primary component of Play and Learn not only because of the fun of the game but it also builds teamwork, discipline, and establishes order in the child’s life. The organization is not just all play and no work, learning is contingent to playing. If you don’t want to read, you don’t get to run.




Academics: Volunteer teachers pick the lesson plans for the kids and in discussion driven fashion the group decides on what exactly they want to learn. Attendance is taken to keep track of the children, but not mandatory as many kids not only cannot, but have home responsibilities preventing them from doing so.



Professional Mentorship: True learning is not only found in books, but through interpersonal communication. Hopefully the students will not only be inspired by stories of working class professionals, but also find new internships and opportunities available to them.


Play and Learn Foundation is all about love and spreading that love through different communities in Ghana by empowering the less privileged youth through sports, academics and consistent mentoring. We strive to give them hope and the means to achieve excellence through guidance, empowerment, networking and motivation given the obstacles they face each day to live.


img-20160816-wa0005Play and Learn Foundation is an organization based in Ghana that provides help and guidance to underprivileged children who love the game of football. We provide opportunities in education, career counseling and mentorship to enable participants to develop themselves professionally while pursuing their dreams to become national soccer players.

These kids are longing for a chance to realize their dreams of becoming an athlete or a
professional in a certain area hence,Play and Learn Foundation enables them grow to achieve their full potential, giving them a chance to shine. This will be achieved through giving them access to educational assistance and funding, career counseling and guidance and mentorship.

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