05 Sep
  • By Plan and Learn Foundation

Play and Learn is walking for Love!

One Love. One Heart. Let’s get together…

Most people attend UG and have no idea what is happening in the neighborhoods surrounding them. We are looking to bring students,staff, lecturers , all stakeholders and the community together in a movement toward equity and togetherness. Join Play and Learn, University of Ghana Students Sports Council, and FitLink and you will feel alright.

What is Walk for Love?

This is the first time “Walk For Love”(WFL) is taking place at the University of Ghana. It seeks to bring awareness and recognition to the need to continue to spread love to everyone especially those who are less privileged and marginalized.

Every neighbourhood is characterised by the existence of slum areas made up of  people who lack access to basic necessities needed to make a life.  Hence, this event is being organised to start a movement in creating more awareness, getting more student volunteers  from the University of Ghana to partake in activities aimed at empowering less privileged children who live in the Okpongolo community. These activities would range from serving as academic tutors, mentors and helping organise educational community events as well as small projects beneficial to the community .

Walk For Love 2017!

Walk For Love will take place on the 9th of September, 2017 at the University of Ghana. There will be a 5km walk followed by an aerobics and  networking session.

This is the first awareness campaign  of its kind being organised at the University of Ghana(UG). We are projecting participants to be around 500 from both Okpongolo and students from UG.


  • Raise awareness about the need for individuals to express love, care and kindness in general but also to marginalized or  less privileged in our communities as well.
  • Get more volunteers and partners who will take part in various activities geared towards empowering children in less privileged communities like Okpongolo who need mentoring, academic and financial assistance.
  • To celebrate the spirit of love, togetherness and kindness as a people and advocate for a healthier lifestyle by consistently working out and eating right.

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img-20160816-wa0005Play and Learn Foundation is an organization based in Ghana that provides help and guidance to underprivileged children who love the game of football. We provide opportunities in education, career counseling and mentorship to enable participants to develop themselves professionally while pursuing their dreams to become national soccer players.

These kids are longing for a chance to realize their dreams of becoming an athlete or a
professional in a certain area hence,Play and Learn Foundation enables them grow to achieve their full potential, giving them a chance to shine. This will be achieved through giving them access to educational assistance and funding, career counseling and guidance and mentorship.

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