11 Sep
  • By Marguerite Doyle

Volunteer Marguerite in Belarus

My trip to Vesnova Orphanage in Belarus as a volunteer with Chernobyl Children International began on Friday June 16th until June 23rd 2017. I travelled with a medical team to spend one week in the orphanage where we slept, ate and spent our time feeding and caring for, playing, taking children for walks around the grounds of the orphanage and showing love and affection to all the wonderful children there. It was my second trip there as a volunteer and it was a wonderfully fulfilling and life changing experience.
People were so generous to me when they heard that I was going out there to volunteer and the following items were donated for my journey; nappies and wipes, calpol, sudocream, suncream, clothes, hair accessories, footballs, sunglasses, beauty products and toiletries.
There are 170 children and young adults who live in the orphanage and on site in independent terraced houses. Chernobyl Children International also support families and children in the wider community of areas of Belarus through Homes of Hope and community services. During my trip I visited a Home of Hope in Glusk where children live in foster care with loving families instead of being institutionalised in an orphanage.
Many of the above mentioned items donated by the generous Irish people were also distributed to the foster homes and within the community. Some foster homes are home to up to 10 children who are cared for by loving foster parents and they are all very appreciative of all the help that comes from Chernobyl Children International.
A special thank you to Ripplezoo who very kindly donated 100 euros worth of hair and beauty accessories from Pennys for the girls in Vesnova Orphanage.