22 Sep
  • By Sammy

The destruction of our beautiful world

A recent read of a wonderful Walter Smith novel “Men of Men” written in 1981 is a stark reminder of how the greed of men has plundered our planet, destroyed much of our nature and Earth’s scare natural resources. The truth is that all of this devastation is justified in the pursuit of profit very often disguised in political & business rhetoric as support for the unemployed and destitute; job creation

The second of the four Ballantyne Novels is set in South Africa in the 1880’s amid the gold and diamond rush in the Kimberly area. The following passage is told by a Matabele tribesman. The words are beautifully constructed by Smith in his telling of the story:



It seems we have learnt nothing in the last 200 years since the industrial revolution delivered the new technology enabling the global plunder to rapidly escalate. Today we are all paying the price. Some headlines on Wednesday 20th September 2017 from the global press:

Climate Change brought us Hurricane Irma; 60 dead, millions homeless, and 300 billion in damage

The vulnerable Rohingya Muslins minority in Myanmar are facing a wipe out from genocide. Aung San Suu Kyi staying silent on the ethnic cleansing.

20 Brazilian indigenous people have been slaughtered in the pursuit of gold by illegal miners.