05 Oct
  • By KHEL Charities

Power of Education: Success story – Rajender Singh Chauhan

Rajender is 42 years old and lives in Shiv Puri Colony, where Lakshmi Devi Academy (LDA), KHEL’s school for underserved children is located. Due to illnesses in his family, his parents migrated to Dehradun from the mountains 45 years ago. He is the eldest of three children.

When Rajender was a child his parents were really happy when LDA opened. In those early years, LDA was an informal school in the home of KHEL’s first General Manager, the esteemed Mr. Chatterjee. He’s passed away now but his influence is still felt by many in the community. LDA was pretty small at the time, and not yet registered officially so only little kids would attend. After a year or two, they’d go to Raphael, at the time the only recognised school in Shiv Puri. As LDA grew, we were able to educate Rajender’s younger sister.

Rajender went on to complete high school then studied masonry. He eventually became a Master Builder. Although he’s built many different types of buildings, he specialises in schools because he feels that it’s a way to earn a living while helping local communities.

Rajender started his own contracting business 20 years ago. Unlike many contractors, he has an extraordinary commitment to his workers, giving them housing and other benefits, and hiring from the local community.

We helped educate a young boy and many years later, we hired him to provide excellent construction work at LDA. From education to employment, KHEL supports the underserved communities.



KHEL provides equal opportunity education, support and employment, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation. We believe that it is only through one’s own efforts that success is possible. KHEL gives future generations the necessary tools to change their lives.

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