27 Oct
  • By Climaction

Felizardo Colambo, a philippin Climactor!

The man on the picture is Felizardo Colambo, a great man whom we had the chance to meet during our Filipino stopover. President of Alliance for Green Philippines, he comes from a modest family of fishermen and farmers. He grew up on a small & remote island without access to electricity and without any notion of money: barter was the common use. “The simple and primitive life,” as he himself describes with an inch of melancholy.

Committed to protecting the environment since childhood, he founded the equivalent to Friends of the Earth in the Philippines in 1990 (Kaibigan ng kalikasan in ).

Professor of philosophy and convinced ecologist, he became a member of parliament in 1995. He is a strong advocate of positive thinking. His smile and his joie de vivre testify to it.

Today, the Alliance for Green Philippines President offers trainings and workshops for all age groups. The objective is to raise awareness while proposing very concrete solutions (energy savings, tree planting, etc.).

He is also one of those direct witnesses of climate change. He attended the swallowing of his grandparents’ house by the sea in only a few years. Over the past two decades, he has seen an increase in the number of typhoons and their violence. 5 of the 10 most deadly typhoons since 2006 have hit the Philippines!

Climate change is already perceptible, the country was also at the top of the ranking of countries most affected by global warming, according to the Global Climate Risk Index of 2015.



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