28 Oct
  • By Give Me Tap

6 Scary (but real!) Facts about Clean Water

The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, pumpkin spice treats fill the shelves of our favorite coffee shops. You know what that means: Halloween is almost upon us! There’s something about this spooky holiday that we just can’t get enough. Is it all the candy? The fun costumes? The scary tales? We don’t know, but we sure love it.

It’s the spookiest time of the year, but do you know what’s more scary than crooked-nose witches and hairy spiders? The number of people that still don’t have access to clean water (hint hint: it’s 663 million!). This number is so high that it’s hard to wrap our heads around it. So here’s a list of spooky (but very real) facts about clean water that will scare the living daylights out of you!

  • There are more people without clean water than there are people checking their Instagram accounts everyday.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, especially among young adults. When Millennials are not photographing, boomeranging, or streaming their lives on the platform, they still engage with pictures and videos created by friends, influencers and their favorite brands. So, it’s not a surprise that 500 million people check their Instagram accounts every single day. The surprising (and saddening) fact is that almost 200 million more people live their lives without clean water on a daily basis.


  • People who don’t have access to clean water could fill every seat at Yankee Stadium for 33 years.

Baseball has been America’s favorite pastime for decades, with the New York Yankees being one of the country’s most popular teams. The number of people who currently don’t have access to clean drinking water is sufficient to fill out the entire Yankee Stadium every single day for the next 33 years. We can’t even imagine how many boxes of Cracker Jack this would actually entail.

  • There are many people in the United States without access to running water

It’s easy to associate lack of clean water and sanitation problems with developing countries. But the problem exists here in the United States too. There are 1.6 million people living without indoor plumbing. Currently, more than 6% of people living in Alaska doesn’t have running water or a sewage system. While 13% of Native Americans have no access to safe water or wastewater disposal.

  • 663 million people holding hands can form a circle around the Earth… 28 times!

Our planet is pretty big. Having enough people to hold hands and form a circle around the Earth once would be remarkable enough. But if the number of people who currently don’t have access to clean drinking water hold hands, they can circle the Earth 28 times!!!

  • The number of people without clean drinking water is greater than the population of the United States, Canada & Mexico combined.

The United States is the third most populated country in the world. There’s an estimated 326 million people living here. Our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, have a total population of 36 million and 127 million, respectively. If we tally up everybody living in North America, from Tapachula to Ulukhaktok, we would get around 486 million people. That’s a whole lot of people but still less than the amount of people with no clean water. Holy mackerel!

  • There are more people with iPhones than with access to clean water.

Apple products, particularly the iPhone, are ubiquitous and loved by so many that we stopped to wonder: is it possible that the number of people with an iPhone is higher than that of those with access to clean drinking water? The answer is yes. There are more than 700 million iPhones currently in use worldwide, surpassing by almost 50 million the number of people who don’t have proper water and sanitation. Now, that’s what we call a reality-check!


Those were some pretty scary facts, but Halloween is not made only of spooky things. There is plenty of fun and treats too! The good news is that we can change that! We can give clean water to people who need it, and it doesn’t take much. For every GiveMeTap bottle you buy, we give 5 years of clean water to a person in Africa! Even better news: you now have the opportunity to come to Ghana with us! So, take your iPhones out and create a Story about it. This is so Instagram-worthy!!

Author: Paula Jackler

Originally published on: https://givemetap.myshopify.com/blogs/stories/5-spooky-and-real-facts-about-clean-water


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