17 Nov
  • By Aizhana Danabekova

Random acts of kindness at LinkedIn with Amanda

Have you ever done a random act of kindness today, like Amanda Wong? Amanda is our hero for this week. We chose Amanda for the reason that she helps everyone create a better world by spreading awareness and increasing engagement in kind actions. Amanda works for LinkedIn, and they have a Random Acts of Kindness day. Every month she and her colleagues do a good deed for society. They take one day and do things like giving compliment cards, flowers and coffee to people, cleaning up parks or helping out charities. Amanda says that all these actions should not be extravagant. It should be something thoughtful that will just be nice to present. She most likes to see how people become surprised and grateful

“With such a small gesture you can make people’s day so much better. Those days become so special as it fills me up with positive energy. I think it is something everybody should try out. You won’t believe how much more you get back compared to what you invest in it. It’s just so nice to be nice.”


Full interview with Amanda Wong:

Amanda Wong,
Social Selling Advocate in LinkedIn, Dublin

Can you introduce yourself?
I was born in Dublin. My mom is Vietnamese. My dad is from Hong-Kong. I have three sisters and a brother. I got a computer science degree. Since I graduated from my university, I have been working in sales for last ten years.

Can you tell us a little bit information about Random Acts of Kindness?
I work for LinkedIn. We have a Random Acts of Kindness office that believes in spreading kindness.  What we do is to make sure that we do a good deed for the community like cleaning up parks, helping out charities or giving compliment cards to passers-by in the street. Our main idea is to make an impact no matter how small or large it would be. It shouldn’t be something extravagant. It should be something really thoughtful that will just be nice to present. It could also be something fun. For example, if someone is going for coffee, paying for the next person’s coffee or giving hospital staff members flowers. We try to make someone feel good that day.

What is the best random act of kindness you have seen?
Yes, I have one. So, on the day when we did our random acts of kindness, me and three of my colleagues bought a bunch of flowers and coffees. And we decided to give coffee service men like police, doctors, and nurses. An old lady was sitting on her own in a big area. She looked so obsessed. We approached her and said that we wanted to give her bunch of flowers. She asked for what reason. She didn’t seem well, and she was sick. I said I knew because you didn’t look like you were having a lovely time. So, that’s why we wanted to present her flowers. She was so thankful and surprised. That day became so unique because it filled me up with positive energy. It is unbelievable how much more you get back compared to what you invest in it.

How can someone be a member of the Random Acts of Kindness?
Random Acts of Kindness is the heart of the kindness movement that is held once a month, and we call it “in-day.”  And what we are doing is more than in-day. If you are part of LinkedIn, you can have an opportunity to take part in all of these social giving back situations or charity events are organized.

Why is kindness so important to you?
Kindness is essential. It is a wonderful feeling to make someone feels better or how sometimes it can have a positive impact on someone and vice versa. It is just nice to be nice.