21 Dec
  • By Tush R Dauthal

A woman who fights for men

The biggest challenge today is to remain neutral, unbiased and open towards every single aspect of the issue. Though the rights have always been about to provide justice to the society but the term society seems to be a little more inclined towards the female section of the society. While the women seem to be the centre of the debates, a voice from the same section is loud enough for the men too.


In the world where feminism has come up as a revolutionary trend in the past few years and crimes against women are being popularised rampantly, a female activist and a documentary filmmaker stands out of the crowd for being the only voice from the female section towards the most illogical and absurd topic of the society, rights and justice for men.

The Indian lady likely to make the news of year 2017 is an independent journalist who talks openly about how men in the society are deprived of their basic rights and are suffering due to the draconian India Penal Code made precisely towards the women rights and their protection but usually ignores the men.


Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj stands stiff and proud even after being called a rapist apologist, a pimp on social media and has been asked to die due to the wrath of the women of the society. In her words “it’s the innocent to whom the justice should be served rather than a woman.”  In this effort to shout out to the world, she has come up with another revolutionary idea of a documentary named “Matyrs of marriage.”

People need to be strong and realise the reality rather than being gender biased. The fire of feminism may prove to be good in some cases but only due to those some, the victims of the fire and their burns could not be ignored. “Equality of woman should be ensured but not at the cost of the inequality to men” she says.

Though the society has always been supporting the women in the past few years, the neutrality in the cases of injustice to men have been prevalent.

“Just as you don’t have to be a woman to fight for women, similarly, you don’t have to be a man to fight for men. I don’t talk about atrocities against women because there are millions who are talking about it.”

We salute her passion and the work she has taken up despite the deadly hurdles and criticism. Let the name cross the limits and her work reach the success.

Write us your views and opinions about the situation of the justice and society in the comment section and share the women power.

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Tush R Dauthal

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