05 Jan
  • By FABE International Foundation

Take a Pass on Plastic

Last weekend, I decided to start a 14 days birthday challenge to put a lasting smile on the faces of 14 children by my birthday.

I asked myself what could bring a lasting smile on my younger self, if given a chance. I didn’t have to think for long when I smiled and imagined a plastic free lifestyle.

Imagine a world with no plastic….

How beautiful, exquisite, gorgeous, and magnificent our earth will be. No doubt, plastics are necessary devils, as comfortable as they make us be, they have become a necessary part of our modern day living. How many people knows that the production and disposal of plastic is directly and indirectly causing environmental health effects among people, wildlife and the environment?


People exposed to plastics during manufacturing processes, who drink water from plastics after sun exposure/microwave, and children who chew teethers and toys made from plastics have been linked to have severe adverse health outcomes such as cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity, endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive effects. Plastics does not only affect health of humans, but also affect wildlife as marine species ingest plastics in the ocean, this in turn gets back at us as we also eat marine and sea foods that are contaminated by plastics.

So, I decided to talk to as many parents, teachers, care-givers, and all those associated with children daily, and children themselves to work together by making sure we reduce our plasticfied lifestyle and seek alternative ways.

Children will be truly happy if they know their parents went the long haul to make their life healthier, with no birth defects or cancer, and less hormone disruptive when they grow up. I think a child will be happy about this.

Its high time we promote alternative plastic use, and safe disposal system. This problem requires urgent and definitive action to take care of this potential health hazard in the future.

Don’t worry if you are guilty of plastic use, everybody is, including me. You can now live a plastic free life style today starting now!

#NoPlasticMonday #TakeAPassOnPlastics #NoPlasticBeach


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