12 Jan
  • By Tush R Dauthal

Fight to equality

What would you choose given that you have a choice to choose either Equality or Justice.?


When fight to equality is reaching its peak point of all time, it doesn’t really matter about the demand, rather it has today came up as a new trend where everyone who demands, defends his right to equality and henceforth indulge in the fight to equality.


We all, all over the world indulge into a social sphere of socially approved rules and regulations which every social being is expected to abide. While the radius of the sphere may differ for various thinkers and countries, justice is the base purpose to serve equality. While defending our rights to equality, forgetting the basic purpose is the main cause of the differences between any two groups.

Where there prevails justice, there isn’t the term equality needed, rather what actually is needed is serving the justice equally.

At his best, man is the noblest of all animals while separated from law and unequal justice, he’s worst”

Quoted by- aristotle. 

While there’s nothing to be needed in justice other than equality itself, the term equality endorses several limitations within.

While equality may sometimes be confused with materialistic things, but providing equality in opportunities may be considered under the essence of  social justice.


To be morally acceptable, a society’s institutional order must treat its citizens justifiably. Justice is closely related with equality, and this relation has two aspects. First, it is uncontroversial today that there is an important sphere of social regulation in which justice requires strictly equal treatment. While there are differences between thinkers and countries, what they want to take in the sphere of equality, what they take equality to require in the various included domains of regulation, and what they want the equal rules to be in these various domains. Still, there is rough agreement that the sphere of strict equality includes voting, parenting, punishment, public traffic, taxation, as well as participation in commodity, labour and capital markets. While on the other aspect, at the same time equality can also create social indifferences, for example, if rights to acquire personal property is distributed equally, it may create the lowest socio economic position to reach as high as possible regardless of social inequality.


Equality can have adverse effects that can be difficult even to be roughly estimated. 

More important still is their corrosive effect on the justice of the whole institutional order. The U.S. has seen explosive growth of inequality over the last 30 years. The top 0.1 per cent of citizens now has roughly the same share of national income (12%) as the entire bottom half, up from 1/5 as much in 1980. Such enormous economic power gives the superrich the means and incentives to exert great political influence. Equal voting rights persist, to be sure, but the fortunes of politicians depend essentially on the support they can garner from the rich who consequently greatly affect especially economic legislation and policies. And so the U.S. economy is being gradually restructured towards the very opposite of what the difference principle demands: towards a design that maximizes the highest socioeconomic position.

Institutional designs that moderate inequalities outside the sphere of strict equality are crucial to the stability of a just society. European states illustrate that it is not hard to keep socioeconomic inequality in the moderate range. But once it breaks decisively above this range, it may be next to impossible to prevent justice from unravelling. This is what we may be witnessing in the U.S. today and, in a different way, in China as well.

To sum up in short, equality where serves same to everyone, justice serves different what actually is needed to the the particular and different demands.

And we aren’t equal. Afterall, We never were. 


Do a patient of cancer needs an insulin treatment.? But Equality says so. 😅

So what would you prefer now, justice or equality..? Is it still the same answer you chose at first.? 

“A government may distribute same sunglasses to every citizen, but it’s not that pair of sunglasses, but justice what this blind man needs”.


Tush R Dauthal

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