17 Jan
  • By FABE International Foundation

Why I fell in love with environmental sustainability

The thought that my grandchildren may not experience the bliss of nature, the grandeur of wildlife or the serenity that comes with being around trees and the ocean gives me the goose bumps. Not that humanity cannot do something about this, but we are too much of a “now now” people, we live for the present and not for the future, we live a life of consumerism, where people only consume material things and don’t have a sustainability plan. The only people allowed to live for the present because their future is dynamic are the faith believers. Otherwise, everyone live like there is no tomorrow!

“Save for the rainy days” Why does this phase exist? Because the wise words of our ancestors are true!

Everything on earth has a sustainability plan, that is fully implemented, why are humans different? The moment I got a hold of the truth in life sustainability, I knew there was no going back.

That you can reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, and replenish all things and live sustainably ever after.

Are we on the same page, are you feeling me, are you scared of what might remain in the world when you close your eyes eternally, are you thinking of your grandchildren’s sanity and safety, do you really want to reduce your unsustainable lifestyle? Do you want to be happy and be truly wealthy?

Then, read about my one million ways of living a sustainable and wealthy lifestyle in the next couple of blog/vblogs.

#NoPlasticMonday #TakeAPassOnPlastics #NoPlasticBeach


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