29 Jan
  • By Tush R Dauthal

Ride the Change

To be a man, supports to be steel. Tough, strong, masculine, powerful, rebel and a hundred more adjectives I’ve been listening to all my life till now, and now when I’m up to search for a perfect man according to the above definition, I can’t find any.

Ameen shareeff is a stocky bearded man with masculine looks. “But I have a tender heart,” he says. “To be a man doesn’t mean that he is made of steel. Mard ko bhi dard hota hai.”(A man too can feel the pain)

Domestic violence. Oh you just thought about females. A mother in the kitchen, a sister in pain, or a daughter struggling. But the picture has changed. Gone are the days when it were women. Now are the days, it’s human.


Ameen shareef, a man from vizag, Andhra Pradesh, with his crumbling wedlock on his bike is riding along the 29 states of India to spread awareness and helping the suppressed and depressed voices to speak loud.

“It’s a topic that no one talks about, because it’s such a taboo for a man to say that his wife is afflicting violence on him. His masculinity is questioned and he’s told not to cry or crib being a man.” “Whenever I spoke about my problems, my friends would tease saying ladki ki tarah ro mat”(Don’t you cry like women do). “Can only women cry?” he asks.

Shareeff lost his parents at a young age. He married a divorcee as he felt it wasn’t her fault for her divorce but soon after the marriage, he was suppressed and supervised. He also reveals how his wife took all if his credit/debit cards and even pin numbers. He didn’t even get to have his own salary and talking about the expenses, he wasn’t allowed.


Soon, I was tortured to earn more, buy properties in her name. My phone and mail was under her supervision. I was barred from talking to my relatives, siblings or friends. At a point, my sister and I were living in the same lane, just 500 metres apart, but couldn’t even see or talk. I felt isolated from the world.”

Anyone can be victimized in a marriage, whether men or women. Men are also vulnerable and the fault is not always theirs. There are Atleast avenues and laws for women to air their stories of domestic violence but the same story if told by a man is ridiculed and laughed at. The society judges him harshly and makes it an issue of his manhood.

I am not against any gender, but the law should be victim-based and not gender based,” says Shareeff, who has clocked over 28,000 kilometres so far, spending Rs. 1,70,000.

Let’s make sure this guy won’t loose. Let’s put him to all those feminists who talk about discrimination. Let’s believe now, it isn’t anymore about women, it’s about human. 



Tush R Dauthal

I’ve been into writing for giants like times of india and many others…. As a blogger I would like to call me up as a public interest blogger as I take up causes from public interest. My novel as a debut author is going to release soon.