02 Feb
  • By FABE International Foundation

Reducing our plastic use

How many of us tried to reduce our plastic use since the last blog?

Was there any conceited effort to reduce its use? Did we get creative or we simply just threw them away?

Today, I really want us to start a movement, we need to know how many of us are truly disposing our waste discriminately and legally.

I will show you 3 steps by which we can start reducing our waste. I will want you to show me in your own way, how you have been able to defeat this feat. In our next blog, I will be displaying the best video to encourage more people to join our movement.

  1. You can start by Reducing in the first place- reduce your dependence on plastics. From plastic bottled water, plastic drinks, to plastic take-away packs and bags.
  2. Refuse to accept plastic bags when offered by a sales person or when at the mall.
  3. Take your Re-useable bag along with you when going shopping.

Let us start with these 3 steps and find out how many of us have started taking these steps to reducing plastic waste from scratch.

#NoPlasticMonday #TakeAPassOnPlastics #NoPlasticBeach



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