08 Feb
  • By Tush R Dauthal

Pass the MIC- Obama

I’m asking you to believe. Not in my ability to create a change-but in yours. 

– says this man
Barack Hussain Obama.

One of the most famous and loved personality of the world, the man of power and actions is now up for another revolutionary idea to bring a change, in society, in the ordinary, in the thinking. 

This video says it all…

Working for years as one of the most effective president, the man brings to you the budding and the world’s biggest non-governmental organization “The Obama Foundation.” “Its time to pass on the mic to the next generation now” he says in the most innovative way.  The man with his woman has stood up to inspire and empower the people, the youth around the world to change.


Our mission is to inspire and empower people to change their world.

From leaders who are already making an impact, to people who are interested in becoming more involved, but don’t know where to start, our goal is to make our programs accessible to anyone, anywhere. We’ll equip civic innovators, young leaders, and everyday citizens with the skills and tools they need to create change in their communities.

It’s a big job, and we’re just getting started.



We brought civic leaders from around Chicago, the U.S., and the world to come together to exchange ideas, explore creative solutions to common problems, and experience civic art, technology, and music.

Also the man promises to provide every essential help and tools to everyone who wants to work and bring the change. The Obama Foundation Fellowship seeks to support and elevate outstanding civic innovators from around the world in order to amplify the impact.


Tush R Dauthal

I’ve been into writing for giants like times of india and many others…. As a blogger I would like to call me up as a public interest blogger as I take up causes from public interest. My novel as a debut author is going to release soon.