18 Apr
  • By Lizzie Lynch

E-Readers For Everyone!

It is common knowledge to us that children in Africa have a very hard time getting an education.

We know that schools aren’t as readily available to them, school books and equipment can be difficult to obtain and many children simply don’t have a chance to go to school because they have to stay home and look after their families.

It’s a very sad and disheartening truth that while going to school and getting an education is something that our children complain about and take for granted, these children of the same age in Africa want nothing more than that. They want the opportunity to learn in a safe environment and they have a right to an education just like children in developed countries.

Thankfully, that’s where has been able to help. Through sponsorships, they give e-readers to schools who need them and they provide World Reading apps that give the user access to a large digital library for free. This gives children and adults in developing countries the opportunity to read hundreds of digitally optimised books. They work with many publishers and authors to provide a large range of titles that everyone can enjoy.

So far, they’ve been able to reach 46 countries and provide 42,233 books in 43 languages. They’ve helped change the lives of children in places like Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Many children in these countries have never had the opportunity to read and write and now with these e-readers, they can read at their own pace and they have access to many more titles than they ever would have before.

pupils2 go above and beyond to provide help to these children who need it most. For instance, when they first began, they brought e-readers to Ghana but the school they went to didn’t have reliable power so they teamed up with another organisation to help fund a solar panel and internet access for the school.

In 2012, they opened a library in Rwanda alongside Ready for Reading that is still open today. The local children and adults have said that they love spending time in the library and they have access to hundreds of books across many genres.

Since began in 2010, they’ve been able to reach more than 7 million readers!

It’s clear that they are doing some fantastic work and have given the priceless gift of literacy to many people across Africa. If you would like the sound of what do, you can get involved! You can make a personal donation, no matter how big or small, or you could run a fundraising event for their cause.  If you have a business, you could partner with World Reader in a corporate sponsorship and if you work for a publishing company, you could contact them about donating books. Also, if you feel really strongly about this cause, you could volunteer to go to East or West Africa and see the work they do in action!

You can read more about how you can help at

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Lizzie Lynch

Lizzie tries to do her best to make a positive change in the community and she regularly volunteers to help the homeless and the elderly living alone. She’s also been part of an organisation called Junior Achievement and has gone to schools to teach children from disadvantaged areas.
She has taken part in numerous fundraising events for many different charities and organisations. She’s done everything from fasting to skydiving from 10,000 feet.

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