14 May
  • By FABE International Foundation

Tired of living a wasteful lifestyle?

Are you tired of living a wasteful lifestyle? Then this is what you’re looking for.

If you have really decided to live more sustainably and are resolved to be more responsible, and eco-friendly, then be rest assured, you have started already and completed the most difficult step – “deciding”.

Deciding to make a change is the best step in the right direction. So read up? You are here.

Starting something new can be stressful, trust me I can tell especially when you feel overwhelmed about all the big changes in your life that you are about to change and you are not just sure where to begin. See? I feel you. The trick is focus on the smaller changes first, before you begin to think of the bigger ones. You have chosen this lifestyle so be patient, it’s going to be alright.

I will be sharing some tips on how to live a Zero Waste lifestyle.


This is what I try to do everyday. I promise you it’s not easy but guess what I feel so happy and on top of the moon anytime I successfully accomplish one goal. Sometimes I just hope you feel the same. And that I am not the only one going crazy loving what other people term “low class”.

We will be doing this together everyday and sharing our successes and frustrations. We will be building a sustainable movement and changing the world one little act at a time. Think about this, when we all do one thing that saves humanity, and the environment which we all share, don’t we feel really good?

Everyone has an innate ability to do good and feel good afterwards.

So when you do something to make the world better, “Record it” and tag it #MyMillionActsOfGreen and before you know it, it starts adding up when saved everyday, we become a huge collection of #ecoambassadors  solving the world’s biggest problems little by little in  God’s gallery.

Kindly read my next post for the tips to living a zero waste lifestyle.

#Thankyou #LetsDoThis #MyMillionActsofGreen


fabe-logoFABE International Foundation is a not-for-profit environmental health organization passionate about the establishment and improvement of an eco-conscious generation committed and dedicated to the restoration, conservation, environmental sustainability, and protection of the environment. Our mission is to promote environmental sustainability, by engaging our youths and women in the identification, exploration, and facilitation of sustainable eco-solutions to problems caused by the impacts of climate change, affecting the health and environment of people and biodiversity in Nigeria through advocacy, education, youth development, women empowerment, community engagement and participation.

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