28 May
  • By FABE International Foundation

STEP 2 to eco friendly changes: never waste food.

Second step: Never Waste Food

This is a very important subject that is so often ignored.

Worldwide 1/3 of all food is lost to poor harvesting, lousy distribution, very poor storage, and ridiculous portion sizes. This is not about the food wasted, but more about the water, the fertilizer and fuel used in the process of cultivation.

Nobody is doing anything about the problem, not even our surrogate government. So I have decided to #LiveZeroWaste and #DoSomething  about it. I took my time this holiday to remind my family about the importance of reducing food waste&composting leftovers where you can (they said charity begins at home). They started calling me names, eh madam no waste don com again, em.. food is ammunition, errgh.. buy wisely moma.

Glad they had names for me already, shows that am making my own little impact. Simple actions by everyone can actually cut the 1.3 billion tones of food lost or wasted every year&help shape a sustainable future.


Amazing right? Yeah. Things like:

*Serving only what you can eat at a time.
*Eating left overs (keep them in fridge,preferably learn how to store food fresh) use what spoils first. Don’t prepare too much
*Shop smart.Buy only what you need.Plan ahead, Make a shopping list,be realistic about how much you need&don’t over buy food on sale.
*Understand expiry dates. Don’t toss food before it spoils, you’ve got to know the shelf life. Use preservation tech.
*Buy those funny fruits, they are all the same. Juice it or turn it into a smoothie
*Donate your food often. I did that this holiday
* And my favorite.. COMPOST THEM

I am presently taking action to #EndHunger by investing in @fabenigeria #UpcycledWildlifeEcoGarden through the @EcoSchoolsNG program because 12.1 million Nigerians especially children, are hungry and under nourished.

I am ensuring vulnerable people have access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year round.


I am doing this to also ensure sustainable food production systems to implement resilient gardening practices in homes and schools that will increase productivity and production. This will help families eat local, fresh and nutritious food, reduce the number of times we go to the market using cars that burn fossil fuels, and contribute to #climatechange and strengthen adaptation to changes in global climate. Most of all, to secure our local seeds

Join me to end all forms of #malnutrition
#MyMillionActsOfGreen #ZeroWaste #ZeroHunger
Check out my previous post to read more about #ZeroHunger


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