11 Jun
  • By ripplezoo

STEP 3 to eco friendly changes: The Upcycle Movement

Third step: Upcycle Everything

My mother said when I was a child, I was very quiet, liked to be in my room alone and loved to help people (for years I thought I would be a doctor), carried fake stethoscope testing everybody’s heartbeat and asking if they were okay and I liked to get my hands on everything.

So when I started upcycling, which is the consistent activity of repurposing/reusing/creatively converting old or discarded materials into something beautiful, useful and of greater environmental value and quality than the original without degradation. I knew it was an innate desire to unleash my sustainability talents to solve a problem in my generation.

I will be sharing with you, some of the things I upcycle as we progress.

We must note that upcycling reduces the amount of waste that we produce and ultimately goes into the ground longer than any of us will be around.


Upcycling reduces the need to remove virgin materials from the environment. For example less paper will mean less trees felled, less plastic use means less oil wells drilled etc.

Upcycling to me is a balanced circular process that everyone should get involved with.

These are preambles guys.

I can’t truly exhaust my knowledge on all the #ZeroWasteLiving steps.

We must start thinking of how to start buying things with a sense of reuse and manufacturers start designing items with a goal of a reuse and not produce items that will clog our drains or end up in the beach or dump sites.

I made some videos that will further enlighten us about my sustainability journey and how you can start yours without hassles.




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