18 Jun
  • By FABE International Foundation

Step 4 to eco friendly changes: reduce plastic use.

There will be more plastics than fish in the ocean by 2050.

That’s scary right?

How old will you be then? Will this be the life you have always wanted?

The ocean is going crazy everyday due to our individual activities and we need to stop this madness. I am also a culprit but like I always say I celebrate each time I leap over a temptation to use plastics either by drinking from it or buy in it. This is why I have teamed up with friends to #DitchSingleuseplastics in Nigeria for good.


Check out these 7 ways you can start reducing your dependency on plastics:

  • Refuse pet bottles, they disrupt our hormones, litter our beaches  clog up our drains and end up in the dumpsite or ocean endangering and killing sea turtles  and other marine wildlife.
  • Buy your groceries and foodstuff without packaging. I prefer to buy in bulk. Not that I always have the time or  money to buy in bulk but I like to save up to achieve this feat.
  • Always patronize the farm market and get fresh and affordable food stuff.
  • Always bring your reusables & refuse disposables when you are eating out.
  • Reusables like your stainless bottles, your cloth bags to buy impromptu stuffs..
  • Refuse “The Straws”. 500 million straws are thrown away everyday.
  • Grow your food and eat fresh



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