30 Jul
  • By Aizhana Danabekova

Trump golf course damaged protected dunes in Scotland

The officially protected dunes, near the Scottish city of Aberdeen, have been partially destroyed during the construction of the current US President Donald Trump’s golf club, reports AP news. It is also informed in the Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). “The family business of Donald Trump damaged the officially protected sand dunes in Scotland when a golf club was being built in the north of Aberdeen,” the report says.

According to the Scottish Agency, the construction of Trump International Golf led to direct losses of 68 out of 205 hectares of dunes of Foveran Links. Moreover, the destroyed facilities are one of the best examples of dunes in the UK, which have developed over four thousand years. In turn, Sarah Malone, an executive vice president of Trump International, pointed out that the company owns less than 5% of the area, which has a unique scientific interest, and part of this area remained untouched.

It is also noted that in 2008 the Scottish authorities issued a permit for the construction of the Trump project, but each phase of the building needed an additional revision. The golf club, which can include two golf courses, a hotel with 450 rooms and up to 1500 houses, was completed in 2012.

It is also pointed out that in 2008 the Scottish authorities issues a permit for the construction of the Trump project, but each phase of the construction work.


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