Cameroon has a population of the 23 million people of which more than 40% are living in poverty.

In 2018 our volunteers brought in a water supply to the hospital in Batoufam and installed toilets, sinks and showers.

We also renovated classrooms in the local primary school and provided books to all 90 students. We installed 20 computerized work-stations in a community hall to support an education initiative for the locals. 

Our 2019 volunteering trip will build on last year’s work. A container with over €500,000 of donated medical supplies is already on its way to Cameroon.

Join us in making the lives of Cameroonians better.

Contact kamila@ripplezoo.com for more information.


There is still much to be done! 

Ripplezoo will go back to Cameroon and the village of Batoufam in November 2019.

Our key challanges for 2019 are finishing off the refurbishment of 3 classrooms that we started working on last year. We will build a toilet block to imporove sanitation for boys and girls attending the school.

We also plan to enhance the classrooms by new supplies such as new blackboards, shelving etc. A big goal is to install solar panels which will enable the school to run evening classes but also connect computers.