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Oct 28th 2016 – RippleZoo at ASH Animal Rescue

Yesterday some of the RippleZoo team went to volunteer at ASH Animal Rescue. ASH Animal Rescue is an animal rescue sanctuary based in Rathdangan, Co.Wicklow.

Check out their website and all they do HERE

The team at Ash Animal Rescue dedicate their lives to rehabilitating the animals up there and continually look for loving homes for those that can be homed.  They currently house 95 dogs on their premises along with other animals such as cats and pigs.


Encouraging they have a strict NO-KILL policy and take this very seriously. Any animals that can’t be rehomed for whatever reason will become permanent members of the ASH family and will be cared for the rest of their lives.

They survive through the generosity of friends, donors, volunteers and sponsors and openly encourage volunteers to get involved through donations, sponsoring an animal who cannot be homed or by doing what we did, head up to their facility and take some of their dogs for a walk.


We spent an hour and a half up in Ash Animal Rescue and would encourage everyone to get involved if they can. We went on two walks and brought eight dogs out in total, such a short part of your day can mean so much to the animals.


Based on our experience we would love to stay in touch with our new friends up their (humans and animals alike!) and will be back very soon.


We would like to encourage all of our followers to check out the Ash Animal Rescue’s page on Facebook,  give it a follow and keep up to date with what the team are doing up there.