43 percent of the Cameroon population has little or no primary education. Kamila Kobiera, RippleZoo’s Co-Founder visited a primary school of Saint André de Batoufam of Bayangam District, in West Cameroon.

The school does not have facilities to give children an ability to learn in a good environment. 3 out of 6 classrooms are not in use. There are gaps in the roof, there are no tables or chairs for the kids to use. The other 3 classrooms which are in a slightly better condition are overpopulated: 50 children per one room. Out of this number, only 2-3 students have a book. They share it with other students which make learning and teaching very difficult.

Another big problem that the school is facing is the lack of toilets and running water.

RippleZoo is trying to change the situation of the children at Saint André primary school. During our volunteering mission in November 2018, we plan to renovate the condition of 3 unused classrooms. We will also supply them with school desks and chairs. The container has already left Ireland with this equipment which you could have read about in our last Cameroon Blog.

We will also work on constructing toilets and bringing water into the school.

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