Ken Doherty kicks off our beautiful world walks

We are delighted and proud that World Snooker Champion Ken Doherty has joined Ripplezoo as a Brand Ambassador for Our Beautiful World cause, something close to his heart, and so important to promote, given the challenges our world is facing today; be it the fires in Australia or the havoc being caused by climate change.

Our previous walks mostly focused on beach clean ups which we will continue in the coming months. This time around we decided to celebrate Christmas and our environment with a walk in the Wicklow mountains. We met at the triangle in Laragh, and after a coffee, headed up into the hills under the guidance of Cruiser O’Grady whose claim to fame is that he is yet to lose a walker!! We were lucky, just after commencing the walk it started to snow, proper fluffy snow. We were a small group and it was great to have the opportunity for lots of chatter in such a magical environment.


Along the way we chatted, joked and told stories. We had bags and gloves to pick up any rubbish along the way and we were all surprised and delighted that we did not encounter a single piece of litter on the mountain, in the forests or along the little rivers. Well done Wicklow.

We all hope that our political leaders will get their act together and speed up the replacement of fossil fuel with renewables. There is no reason they can’t, though the financial strength of the oil, mining and Petro companies still has way too much influence, too much power. We all need to speak up and be heard. Our planet, animals, wildlife and forests are getting decimated and will be wiped out unless there is a radical change in the political will to change. Anything less is simply not good enough. So far, the leadership talks a good game though is really poor on effecting change. We owe it to our kids and grandchildren to become more vocal and for ourselves do those little things with initiatives such as recycling that will make such a difference.

After just under 3 hours on the mountain we had earned our lunch and it was back to the fire in Collie Devereaux’s, Willow Grove, for lunch and a pint. Watch this space for more walks coming up. Everyone is welcome.