Sunday strollers in Dublin’s fair city

A dry, cold Sunday morning and the Southside Sunday Strollers assembled at the Garden of Remembrance at the top of O’Connell Street. Our tour guide, Eoin Sheehan took us through the streets of Dublin, sharing so much information about the architecture and history of the buildings, and the stories behind the statues.  Our lovely interactive walk ended with a coffee and scone in Dollard’s restaurant. A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning outdoors, walking and talking.  Many thanks to Siobhan and Breige for organising, to all the Sunday Strollers and to Eoin for the education.

I was particularly struck by one sculpture. A 7 foot cast bronze park bench, depicting  Christ hidden beneath blankets, his identity betrayed only by the holes in his feet. It was unveiled here in 2015. It was designed to prompt public reflection on the plight of the homeless.  

Reflection: While the streets of Dublin are lined with beautiful architecture steeped in history, they are also the only home to many of our fellow human beings.