The Syrian war: the only winners will be Assad and Putin

Syria is a country at war, and it will probably prove to be one of the costliest wars in terms of loss of life, horrific injures (physical and emotional), the huge amount of ordinary people forced from their homes and having to live in overcrowded and inhumane refugee camps, the destruction of property and historical sites and hundreds of billions in money fuelling the arms industry. The country will never be the same again. 

Syria is a country at war
  • 470,000 people killed
  • More than 10,000 tortured and executed in Syrian prisons
  • 5,000,000 Syrians living in refugee camps outside Syria
  • 13,000,000 people displaced.
  • 13,500,000 people in Syria living in war zones. 
  • Enormous environmental destruction
  • $500 billion cost.
  • Over 300 chemical attacks by Assad on his own people.  

Yet, though complicated, this is essentially a civil that ignited when most of the population wanted regime change, the dictator Assad thrown out.  Such is this guy’s sense of entitlement and vicious brutality that he bombed his own people with chemicals designed to inflict the most horrific of injuries on innocent people. 

Over 300 chemical attacks by Assad on his own people

Just last month his buddy Putin sent in his Russian planes to bomb 70 hospitals in Idlib, the last place of resistance to Assad. What’s in it for the richest man in the world, Putin. Probably more power, more influence and more wealth because why else would he side with a brutal dictator far from Moscow. And the benefit to the Russian people? Absolutely nothing just hundreds of millions of euros wasted on a war they don’t want and cant afford. 

5,000,000 Syrians living in refugee camps outside Syria

Think about that for a second; a couple of boys at the summit of power and influence killing, maiming, terrorizing weak ordinary civilians so that they can maintain their position at the top table.  And who is calling them out, standing up to them, supporting the weak?  Eh…….

Unfortunately, the world leadership is turning away and doing very little of substance to help stop the war. And further, they are rejecting millions of war refugees, refusing them entry to their own countries, spinning them out as economic refugees that will damage their local economies. 

Well that’s convenient.