Community spirit alive and well in Mount Merrion

With Ireland in lockdown to combat the deadly Covid-19 virus, many people are suffering. Anxiety, fear and loneliness are just a few of the emotions shared by so many people. But we will get through it and look back with pride at how, as a country, we all pulled together and supported one another. 

Community spirit is alive and well. In my own community of Mount Merrion, everyone is doing their bit. Lots of families out for their daily stroll, all observing the recommended social distance. Local residents are helping each other with food deliveries, supplies and sometimes that small chat that might make someone’s day. My own road has just set up a Whatsapp group so we can keep in touch. 

On the rise in Mount Merrion, businesses are also doing their bit. 

SuperValu are working with the GAA and indeed Ripplezoo to provide a home delivery service. 

The Rise Pharmacy are working 24/7 to prepare and deliver prescriptions while providing reassurance to those who do visit.

The Merrion Tree are preparing delicious meals for collection or home delivery. 

The dedication and commitment of these businesses allows those most vulnerable to stay safe while still receiving what they need.

I believe this crisis is bringing communities together and I hope this remains as we all return to normality in a few months time.