About us

Who we are

Ripplezoo is a not-for-profit Trust and social media platform raising awareness of issues that affect Our Beautiful World and the people who live in it. 

What we do

Ripplezoo’s current projects include:

  • Nature walks and beach clean ups
  • Medical projects in Africa, in Cameroon and Tanzania
  • Peace Initiatives through music in Israel & Palestine
  • Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility programs (CSR)
  • Schools program encouraging young people to get involved and make a difference.

Ripplezoo uses social media to circulate blogs, photographs and videos raising awareness of issues in the world today. We encourage people to create their own ripples, sharing our content and content they themselves are passionate about. We have a wonderful team of passionate bloggers who are providing interesting and topical blogs daily.


Ripplezoo welcomes all volunteers. Whether you can support one of our fundraisers, join us for a walk or beach clean-up or just want to join our team, we welcome your time and passion. Contact finola@ripplezoo.com for more information.

Themes that Ripplezoo support