Ripplezoo Schools Programs

Ripplezoo is a not for profit trust and social media platform. Our ambition was to reach out to young people, to educate them about world issues and to encourage them to stand up for what they believe and make a difference

Help make the world a better place, one ripple at a time. And where better to start than with the passion and honesty of youth.

Therefore, we believe that our schools’ program is so important. It gives a voice to the youth of the country and encourages them to work together for the good of the world and the people who live in it.

Our projects are varied and allow schools to get involved in many ways:

Beach / Nature clean ups

Fundraising for schoolbooks for children in Africa

Get involved in our musical project “ What about us”

Write blogs about their passions & interests.

Follow us and share our content.

Ripplezoo would love to present our program to you either in person or on Zoom. For more information contact finola@ripplezoo.com