Ripplezoo’s Education Sponsorship Program

Travelling as volunteers to Cameroon over the last few years, we have learned so much about what support and funding is important there.

In 2018, we focussed mainly on the hospital and primary school. Last year while working with the locals digging trenches for the rainy season, we discovered that many students have had to terminate their education due to poverty or war.

As education is so important to us here in Ireland, we decided we would start an education fund as a positive way to support these wonderful young students.

“The decision to sponsor Joel was an easy one. His ambition and dream to carry out further studies inspired me.

The ease with which we in Ireland take education for granted, in contrast to the struggles these young adults in Cameroon face, even for books, study facilities and accommodation.

I wish Joel all the best in this ambitious journey and I am hopeful it will be a happy one.”

Mary Ryan. The Rise Pharmacy

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