What About Us the Musical

What About Us is a Musical project that can positively impact society, promote peace over war and challenge societal issues such as global warming and climate change.

What About Us is a live stage musical that is being created and performed by talented young artists, including those whose countries have been affected by war and terror such as Israel, Palestine and Ireland. 

The musical is a platform for the younger generation to speak up for change while demonstrating how they can overcome prejudices and hate, with the capacity to work and socialise with other young people from opposing cultures and religious backgrounds; challenging the status quo at this decisive moment in human history. 

Supported by a professional team, this original & vibrant musical which is a fusion of different cultures & influences will be constructed and then performed Internationally by an orchestra, musicians, choir, singers and dancers; a unique entertainment experience with positive messaging that expresses the desire for a change. 

The musical is supported by a docufilm and book chronicling its journey from conception to the premiere and will feature the personal stories of the young people participating in the workshops, to their first performance on the world stage.

Learn more about this Project in www.whataboutusthemusical.com